7 Top Products Purchased From Costco in the US

Top Products Purchased From Costco: If you need to stock up on stuff, such as food, household goods, appliances, apparel, and so much more, Costco is the place to go. As we previously noted, according to top website survey, 46% of Americans buy primarily (pun intended) at wholesalers because of the obvious cost savings, high product quality, and variety of things available. Even though a vast range of products may be purchased at Costco, you might be surprised by what truly sells the most. Here are the top seven Costco purchases:

7 Top Products Purchased From Costco in the US

Top Products Purchased From Costco

Paper Towels

We all know how important toilet paper is, but the epidemic made that point even more clear as retailers struggled to maintain it in stock. However, it seems that buying toilet paper in large quantities is so prevalent that Costco benefits financially from doing so. The corporation sells more than a billion rolls of toilet paper each year, bringing in well over $400 million, according to Reader’s Digest.

dog food

According to Thehotdog.org, 100% beef hot dogs are another popular item at Costco that isn’t even something most people purchase in large quantities. That’s presumably because shopping at a wholesale store takes a lot of time and effort, which makes everyone feel hungry afterwards. Every year, Costco sells about 151 million items, for a total of $226 million. As we’ve previously said, the firm has promised not to raise the cost of the hot dog and soda combo to more than $1.50 in the near future due to the popularity of these hot dogs.

Kirkland Bacon, Hickory Smoked

Bacon would certainly be a top choice for meat lovers if you could bottle a culinary flavor and wear it as a perfume. According to Fox Business, Costco appears to have its finger on the pulse of bacon aficionados because they sell a lot of their Kirkland brand hickory smoked bacon. Bacon has always had respectable sales. According to Insider, something about the pandemic increased bacon sales; perhaps the prolonged confinement caused people to desire comfort food. Although there is no information on the actual amount they sell and inflation may have begun to affect sales, it seems to remain a Costco customer favorite.

Rotisserie poultry

The precooked rotisserie chicken at Costco is one item that draws shoppers in despite the fact that the majority of the other items they purchase there probably need to be prepared. The Wall Street Journal reports that during the 2017 fiscal year, Costco sold 87 million of the delectable birds. According to NPR, this product is so popular that Costco had to include a special supply chain in Nebraska just to keep the shipments coming in hot and fresh.

Furthermore, the business has kept its cheap price of $4.99 for almost three pounds of chicken for this well-liked product.

Fox Business claims that despite earning about $40 million a year, they are actually losing money. Sometimes a loss is worth a customer’s delight.


Gasoline is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Costco, but after reading how affordable it is, it just might be.

According to MechanicBase.com, Costco sells gasoline for around 10% of their whole sales, which amounts to $20 billion annually. At its member gas stations, they can sell millions of gallons of fuel in a single month. Despite the fact that not every Costco warehouse has a gas station, you can usually find plenty of them nearby, however the lineups may be longer than at a conventional gas station. Additionally, Costco members receive a discount on gas that non-members do not. Barron’s claims that Costco members may save up to $1 per gallon by buying gas from the retailer, while Fox Business reports that on average, it’s only around 30 cents cheaper than the nearest competitors.

The Big Appliances

However, Katie Roberts, a consumer analyst for DealNews.com, claims that large appliances are a popular purchase at Costco for a number of reasons: “They provide longer warranties and substantial discounts during holiday sales. You can anticipate Costco to offer a variety of appliances for up to $800 or even $1,000 off around major sales holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Additionally, Costco offers its customers a valuable benefit in the form of an extended warranty that covers key appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. In essence, beginning on the day you purchase the item, Costco will extend the manufacturer’s warranty for up to two years.

Gift Cards

Roberts noted that Costco also does well with the sale of gift cards. Because you may purchase gift cards for less than the full value on the card, they make good purchases at Costco. For instance, Costco has offered $50 Jiffy Lube gift cards for for $30, a 40% discount! The gift cards are frequently discounted by 10% to 25%. A $500 Southwest Airlines eGift card is currently on sale for $450, which is a noteworthy gift card offer. That’s a 10% discount, and given how expensive flight is, the money could be extremely useful.

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