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The following rules (called “Terms of Use”) apply to this website and all of its services, content, and features. You and Careerswave (“CW”) have agreed to them. This policy applies to the website (the “Website”) that is run by CC and can be found at https://www.Careerswave.com/.

When you use the Website, you agree to the following Terms of Use. The website, the policies, and these Terms of Use can all be changed, updated, or changed again by CW. These Terms of Service may change without notice. If you don’t agree with or reject any part of these Terms of Use, you can’t use the Website.

Privacy Policy


  • Information You Give to the Website Voluntarily: The Website may get information from you that can be used to find out who you are, like your name or email address. You could add information to the website on your own by, for example, filling out a contact form, leaving a comment, or signing up for a newsletter. We might find out about you from somewhere else and add that information to the Website. For example, if you use third-party software on the site, they might give us information so that we can do what you want.
  • Information that is collected automatically: When you go to the website, the server automatically records some information about you and the computer or other device you are using. For example, when you use the Website, it will record your IP address, operating system, browser type, the website that sent you there, the pages you looked at, and the dates and times you used it. The website may also keep track of the links you click and other things you do when you use it.
  • Cookies: The Website may keep track of information using cookies, which are small data files that the Website stores on your browser. The Website may use both session cookies, which disappear when you close your browser, and persistent cookies, which stay on your browser until you delete them. This is done to give you a more personalized experience on the Website.


The website may use the information it collects to do things like: run and update the website; send you marketing materials like newsletters. Each email marketing will tell you how to unsubscribe from future mailings.

  • To respond to your comments or questions.
  • To send you technical notices, policy updates, or security alerts.
  • To send you administrative messages.
  • To track and measure advertising on the Website.
  • To protect against, investigate, and deter illegal or unauthorized behavior.


If you give us explicit permission, the Website may share your information with third parties. The Website may also hire other service providers to help with different tasks. Each third-party service provider has its own rules about how it can use your personal information. At the moment, the following outside service providers work with the Website:

Google Analytics: This tool keeps track of how people use web pages and gives information about how people act and which sites they come from. Google Analytics may keep track of your IP address, but it doesn’t keep any other information about you.

EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDER: This is a service that is used to send newsletters and updates via email. The email service provider saves your name and email address so that these messages can be sent to you.

At the moment, none of your personal information is shared with any other third-party apps. This list may be changed from time to time at the Website’s sole discretion.
Except when required by law, CW will not sell, distribute, or otherwise make public your email addresses or other personal information without your permission. However, CW may disclose or transfer personal information collected through the Website to third parties who acquire all or part of our business. This could happen as a result of a merger, consolidation, or purchase of all or some of our assets, or in connection with a bankruptcy or reorganization proceeding.


When combined with information from other sources or with anonymous information, CW may sometimes use information about you that does not directly identify you. Third parties can get this kind of anonymous data and use it for marketing, advertising, or other things. Analytics and cookie-based data are two examples of this type of data.


Cookies are used on the Website to save the preferences of visitors, keep track of information about which pages users access or visit, make sure visitors don’t keep seeing the same banner ads, and personalize content based on the visitor’s browser or other data. As this article says, cookies can also be used by third-party services like Google Analytics.
By using the right setting on their web browser, users can stop the website from ever setting cookies, which stops cookies from being placed permanently. Also, cookies that have already been set can always be deleted using a web browser or other software. All of the most popular Internet browsers can do this. But if users turn off cookies in their web browsers, not all of our website’s features might work as well as they should.


Display Ads

When you visit the website, information and ads may be sent to you by third-party advertising companies that may use cookies. Advertisers on the website don’t get any information that could be used to find out who they are.

Retargeting Ads

The Website may sometimes work with outside companies like Google, Facebook, or Instagram on remarketing campaigns to get the word out about the Website. Some businesses use cookies to show ads based on how often a person visits their website.

Pixels for tracking sponsored content

Sponsored campaigns may be run on this website by different influencer networks, brands, and agencies. The FTC has rules about how all sponsored content should be labeled. Tracking pixels, also called web beacons, are sometimes used in these sponsored ads to collect information about who sees them and how they are used. The business that is paying for the campaign collects this information to track how well it is going. The tracking pixels on the website are not put together with any information that can be used to identify a person.

Affiliate Program Participation

Affiliate marketing can happen on the website if it has tracking links built in. If you click on an affiliate link, your computer will store a cookie to keep track of any sales for commission purposes.

Careerswave is part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is a way for websites to make money by putting ads and links to Amazon.com on their pages. As part of the Amazon Associates program, the website will use links that Amazon makes just for it to track referrals to their site. This program uses cookies to keep track of visitors so that sales can be tracked and commissions can be given.


On the website, you can sign up for our newsletter, which may be used to sell things. There might be a tracking pixel in every newsletter that is sent. The pixel, which is in emails, makes it possible to figure out how well internet marketing is working. With these tracking pixels, CW can see what you do with your email, such as when you open it and which links you click. Also, this lets CW tailor the content of future emails to what the user is interested in. No one else will have to deal with this kind of behavior.


  • Use the “unsubscribe” links in our emails to stop getting emails from us in the future.
  • Please let us know here if you want to be taken off our mailing list.
  • Input: You can ask to see any personal information we have about you by filling out this form.
  • Update: Please contact us here if you want to change or update your personal information.
  • Forget: You can ask us to delete or forget your personal information in certain situations. If you want this, please ask for it here.
  • Please keep in mind that we may need to keep some of your information on file to finish transactions, keep records, or follow the law.


You should never give a website sensitive information about yourself. This includes your social security number, your race or culture, your political and religious beliefs, your health, your criminal history, and whether or not you belong to a union. If you do, the information you give us will be covered by this Privacy Policy.


Children under 16 are not asked to give any information that could be used to find them on the website. If you are a parent or guardian and you think that the Website may have personal information in its database about a child under the age of 16, please let us know right away here. We’ll do everything we can to get rid of this information from our files right away.


Affiliate marketing may be used sometimes on the website. This means that if you buy something after clicking on an affiliate link, the website will get a cut. We do everything we can to follow the FTC’s rules about letting people know about affiliate links.


The website might sometimes post content that was paid for by advertising. This means that an advertiser, which could be a company, an advertising agency, or an influencer network, would hire CW to make content with a certain message or product placement. All of these advertisements on the website are clear about what they are, as required by the FTC.
Even though CW gets paid (in the form of money, free goods, or services) for this sponsored content placement, it always says what it really thinks and feels. All of the opinions on the website are those of the people who wrote them. Any guarantee, statistic, statement, or other claim made about a product or service should be checked with the product’s producer, provider, or another relevant entity.


CW carefully checked all of the information on the website to make sure it was correct. CW doesn’t make any promises about what will happen when you use the information on the Website.


CW is not a trained financial advisor. You and CW have nothing to do with work because of what you read on the website.

There may be some information on the website about money and investing. This information, which is not advice, should not be used to make decisions about money. The information on the website about money and investing is given “as is” and without any guarantees or warranties, either explicit or implied. When it comes to the financial and investment information on the Website, it doesn’t make any guarantees, promises, or claims of any kind.

You shouldn’t use the information on the website instead of advice from a CPA, a licensed financial planner, or a qualified financial advisor. Putting financial information on the website does not lead to a relationship between an accountant and a client. Any information on the Website should never be used as a reason to put off getting financial advice, ignore financial advice, or stop getting professional financial services.


When making the website, only informational goals were taken into account. You agree that you are fully responsible for what you do with the information on the website and how you use it. CW doesn’t make any guarantees, promises, or warranties. You know that the results will be different for each person. CW is not responsible for any mistakes or omissions that may be on the Website.


Unless it’s made clear otherwise, all of the content and materials on the Website belong to CW. All rights to intellectual property are reserved, as long as you follow the license below.

You may read, download (only for short-term storage), and print pages for your own personal use, as long as you follow the rules here and elsewhere in these Terms of Use.

The following actions are not allowed:

  • republishing content from the website unless it has been explicitly and specifically made available for republishing.
  • selling, renting, or sublicensing any website material; copying or reproducing any part of the Website’s content for profit.
  • changing any content on the website unless it has been explicitly and specifically made available for change.
  • republishing content from the website unless it has been explicitly and specifically made available for republishing; selling, renting, or sublicens.
  • Content from a website can’t be shared again unless it has been made available for that purpose.
  • On social networking sites, users can share content as long as they include a link to the website.
  • Sometimes, the Website will use plugins or widgets to make it easy for people to share content via email, social media, or other ways. When you use these plugins or widgets, you don’t give up any intellectual property rights that belong to CW. This type of use comes with a limited license to share the content on approved social media platforms while giving CW full credit.

The Website can’t be used in a way that hurts its security or makes it harder for people to get to. You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or reduce the Website in any other way unless the law specifically allows you to. It is against the rules to use the Website to copy, store, host, send, use, publish, or spread anything that contains or links to spyware, computer virus, Trojan horse, worm, keystroke logger, rootkit, or any other harmful code or malicious software.

You can’t do scraping, data mining, data extraction, or data harvesting on or with the Website without CW’s written permission first. This includes, but is not limited to, data mining, data extraction, and data harvesting.
It is against the rules to use the Website to send or send any unsolicited commercial communications.
You can’t do any marketing for a third party on the Website without written permission from CW.


Unless otherwise stated, all parts of the Website, including its layout, text, images, and other files, are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and should not be used or published again without express prior permission.


It is against the law to use CW’s trademarks or trade dress with a product or service that doesn’t belong to CW, in a way that might confuse customers, or in a way that makes CW or CW look bad.

Sometimes, the Website will use trademarks that belong to third parties but are related to CW’s services in a legal way. Each of these trademarks is owned by a different person.


You give CW a non-exclusive, permanent, worldwide, and royalty-free license to use, copy, adapt, publish, translate, and spread any content you post on the Website. This includes text, photos, audio, comments, video, and audio-visual content, but is not limited to them. This license covers all media, both now and in the future. You also give CW the right to use legal action, sublicensing, and other means to enforce these rights.


Any content you add to the site, including but not limited to text, images, audio, comments, video, and audio-visual content, must be legal and not violate the legal rights of anyone else. It also can’t be something that could get you, CW, or a third party in trouble with the law.

Any content I put on the Website,

(ii) that is stored on CW’s servers,

(iii) that is hosted, or

(iv) that is posted on the Website, can be changed or taken down by CW without notice. CW doesn’t take any responsibility or liability for any content you or other people post.
Even though it is one of its rights under the Terms of Use, CW does not promise to keep an eye on the Website’s content once it has been posted.


On occasion, photos from other websites will be used in articles on the website. Any use like this that is fully okay with the owner and is meant to be fair use according to copyright rules. If you think that the way your copyrighted work has been used on the website is wrong and goes beyond what is considered fair use, please submit a request here, and the image will be taken down within 24 to 48 hours.


By sending an email to CW, signing up for the website, or giving CW your email address in any other way, you agree to get electronic messages from CW. You agree that all legal notices sent to you by CW electronically meet any requirements for notice in writing.


When you click on a link on the Website, it takes you to a website run by someone other than CW. You confirm and warrant that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by all applicable Terms of Use and policies for any third-party websites that are relevant to your use of the Website. CW has nothing to do with or control over the content of other websites. You give CW no responsibility for anything that happens because you use a third-party website.

Before you do anything or do business with a third party you find on the Website or through a link on the Website, you must do any necessary research or due diligence. You release CW from any responsibility if you have a problem with any activity or business dealing with a third party that you learned about from the Website or a link to the Website.


The Website is offered “as is” and “as available” without any express or implied claims or warranties. CW makes no promises or guarantees about the Website or the information and content that can be found there.

CW doesn’t promise that the website will work perfectly, be accurate, or be reliable. They also don’t promise that it will meet your needs, be on time, be virus-free, or be reliable. CW is not responsible for the loss of any information or data that you upload to or send through the Website. The website is written in English, and there are no promises about how well it will be translated or interpreted into any other language.



You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless CW, its members, employees, officers, directors, managers, and agents from and against any and all losses, claims, suits, actions, liabilities, obligations, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses) that CW suffers because of third-party claims based on: I your negligence or intentional misconduct, (ii) your breach of any provision of the Terms of Use (including representation or warranty breaches),


The laws of Pennsylvania will be used to figure out how to read and understand the Terms of Use. Any claim or dispute related to or arising out of the Terms of Use or their violation shall be settled through arbitration by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) under its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and any court with jurisdiction may enter a judgment on the arbitrator(s)’ decision. Any such arbitration will take place in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, or somewhere nearby. The parties also agreed that the proceedings will use the AAA Optional Rules for Emergency Measures of Protection.


If one of the clauses in the Terms of Use is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the other clauses can still be used. If a rule is too broad, it must be narrowed or limited in order to be enforced.

You can’t give the Terms of Use to someone else without CW’s written permission first, but CW may do so if it wants to.

The Terms of Use spell out everything that the two parties have agreed to about the Website that Careerswave LLC makes available.

You can send any written notices about the Terms of Service to this address.