Best 6 Finance Jobs You Can Work Remotely

Finance Jobs You Can Work Remotely: As people spend more and more of their time online, practically every industry now has completely remote work. Finance occupations are no different. Many work in finance may be done fully remotely, and widespread broadband internet access has made this possible for the majority of us.

Having a completely remote position allows you to save time and money that would otherwise be spent on commuting. According to ZipRecruiter, finance positions pay well – an average of $95,739 a year. As more remote work become available, many financial occupations pay at least as much as the average. Here are some of the best remote finance jobs to pursue.

Finance Jobs You Can Work Remotely

6 Finance Jobs You Can Work Remotely

Senior Financial Advisor

Average starting salary: $95,000

Senior financial consultants assist businesses and individuals in developing financial goals and managing investment portfolios. They may collaborate with clients to assist them reach their financial objectives using a variety of tactics. Those who deal with organisations may produce thorough financial reports. As the title “senior” implies, this is a position that requires several years of expertise.

In the United States, the average income for a senior financial consultant is roughly $95,000. However, that figure excludes “extra pay,” which Glassdoor defines as cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing. The typical overall pay for senior financial consultants is roughly $141,000 when bonuses are factored in.

Manager of Finance

$131,710 is the median basic wage.

Finance managers are in charge of an organization’s financial health. Data analysis, financial report creation, and investment management are all possible job responsibilities. Finance managers assist senior management and help create long-term financial goals for the organisation because this is a managerial position.

The median wage in 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, will be $131,710. The BLS also states that the predicted growth rate for finance managers is 17% from 2021 to 2031, which is significantly higher than the overall prediction.

Controller of Finance

$239,000 is the median base wage.

A financial controller, often known as a controller, is in charge of a company’s accounting department and is responsible for keeping accurate accounting records. This position is often in charge of overseeing the company’s cash flow, preparing financial reports, and preparing payroll tax payments.

According to, the average salary for controllers is $238,700 before bonuses. The median total salary for bonuses and benefits for controllers is $374,848.

Analyst in Investment Banking

The average starting pay is $97,000.

Analysts in investment banking conduct market research by examining financial data and market trends. They provide assistance to associates and investment bankers in transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt issues, and leveraged buyouts. They also oversee IPOs and private equity transactions. Another important task for investment banking analysts is to evaluate agreements for possible profitability.

Without supplemental compensation, the median base salary for investment banking analysts is $97,109. This position’s median supplemental pay is $43,283, for a total median salary of $140,392.

Finance Director

$187,000 is the median basic wage.

A financial director is responsible for the long-term growth and financial stability of a corporation. The director devises ways to aid in the achievement of that expansion while also optimising revenues. He or she supervises accounting operations and generates detailed financial reports before recommending solutions for improving profits and strengthening the company’s balance sheet.

According to, the median base salary for a director of finance is roughly $187,000 per year. The average total pay, including bonuses and benefits, is over $272,000.

Finance Vice President

$187,000 is the median basic wage.

A vice president of finance is a senior executive in charge of a company’s finances. Budgeting, cash flow management, investment planning, and profit maximisation are examples of such duties. This role, like the director position, is concerned with the long-term success of the organisation. It may be necessary to analyse data and make recommendations in order to help the organisation meet its long-term financial objectives. The VP of finance will also assist in ensuring the industry’s compliance with various tax laws and regulations.

The average starting pay for a vice president of finance is around $187,000. A VP of finance’s typical supplemental salary is $126,394, for a total median remuneration of $313,762.

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