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Antonio Margarito Net Worth: He is a famous boxer. Antonio Margarito boxer whose worth is $15 Million. If you want more about his life, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Family, and Career.

Net Worth: $15 Million
Date of Birth: Mar 18, 1978 (44 years old)
Place of Birth: Torrance
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession: Professional Boxer
Nationality: Mexico

What is Antonio Margarito Net Worth?

Antonio Margarito Net Worth

Antonio Margarito is a retired Mexican-American professional boxer who has a net worth of $15 million. Margarito is of Mexican and American descent. Between the years 1994 and 2017, Antonio Margarito contested for a number of different boxing organisations, including the WBO, the IBF, and the WBA. During his career, he won multiple world titles at the welterweight division and also made a couple bids for the light middleweight division’s title. The revelation that Margarito had used illegal hand wraps containing calcium sulphate in 2009 brought into doubt his historic stoppage victory over Miguel Cotto the previous year. Margarito was found utilising the unlawful hand wraps.

In the Beginning

On March 18, 1978, in the city of Torrance, California, Antonio Margarito was born under the name Antonio Margarito Montiel. He went to Tijuana, Mexico, with his family when he was just two years old, and he spent the majority of his time there boxing alongside his older brother. After that, Margarito went on to enjoy a very short career as an amateur boxer, during which he racked up an impressive record of 18-3.

Beginning of One’s Professional career

Margarito’s family’s financial difficulties forced him to turn professional far sooner than he otherwise would have. He made his debut at the age of 15, competing against Jose Trujillo and prevailing in the match via unanimous decision. Later on, he recorded his first knockout in a bout that he had against Victor Angulo. After five months, Margarito suffered his first loss, which was at the hands of Victor Lozoya. In the last six bouts, he had a record of 4-2 and went on to have a career record of 28-2-1. His financial circumstances also improved during this time. During this time period, Margarito was victorious over a number of opponents, including Sergio Martinez, David Kamau, Alfred Ankamah, and Frankie Randall, among others.

WBO Welterweight Title

In the summer of 2001, Margarito fought Daniel Santos in his first attempt at challenging for the WBO welterweight title. The fight ended in a draw. However, after a head-to-head collision in the first round, both competitors received significant injuries that forced the referee to stop the fight early. As a consequence of this, Santos was able to defend his welterweight title; however, he eventually gave it up in order to move up in weight class. Because of this, Margarito was given a second opportunity to fight for the welterweight title, this time against Antonio Daz. In the end, he was victorious over Diaz via knockout, which allowed him to claim the title of WBO welterweight champion. After that, Margarito successfully defended his title by prevailing over Danny Perez Ramrez, Andrew Lewis, and Hercules Kyvelos in consecutive matches. He continued to defend his reign right up until 2007, when he was ultimately upset by Paul Williams, who was previously unbeaten.

WBO Light Middleweight Challenge

In late 2003, Margarito made his debut in the light middleweight division with a knockout victory against Maurice Brantley. The fight ended with Margarito retaining his title. The year after that, he competed against his long-time adversary Santos for the WBO light middleweight title, but he was ultimately defeated by Santos via a technical decision.

IBF and WBA Welterweight Titles

In 2008, Margarito competed against Kermit Cintron, an opponent he had previously faced, for the IBF welterweight title. Margarito won the fight via knockout in the sixth round. After this, the International Boxing Federation (IBF) mandated that he fight in a mandatory defence against Joshua Clottey, the leading contender in the organisation. On the other hand, Margarito gave up his IBF title so that he wouldn’t have to face Clottey in a fight. Instead, he accepted a bout against Miguel Cotto, who is the current WBA welterweight champion. Margarito fought his way back from an early deficit to earn the victory through technical knockout in the 11th round of the fight. The match was one that will be remembered for a very long time. In the beginning of 2009, he was defeated by Shane Mosley and consequently lost his WBA welterweight title.

WBC Light Middleweight Challenge

In May of 2010, after taking some time out from the ring, Margarito had his comeback fight against Roberto Garca for the vacant WBC international light middleweight title. In the end, a decision was made that was unanimous in favour of Margarito. After that, he went up against Manny Pacquiao in an attempt to win the WBC light middleweight championship, but he ended up losing the fight by unanimous decision after getting pummelling by Pacquiao. In the immediate aftermath of the fight, Margarito was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Additional injury, then retirement, then a comeback

Late in 2011, Margarito competed against his longtime adversary Miguel Cotto in a rematch. Margarito was victorious. In the end, Cotto prevailed over Margarito via technical knockout won by the doctor who stopped the fight because Margarito’s right eye had swelled shut. After the bout, Margarito made the retirement that this would be his last fight in boxing.

Margarito made a brief comeback from retirement in 2016, during which he won two bouts in Mexico. The following year, he prevailed over Carson Jones.

A Scandal Involving Illegal Hand Wraps

In 2009, just before Margarito was scheduled to fight Mosley, Mosley’s trainer observed that there was something white in Margarito’s hand wraps. In the end, it was determined that the chemical in question was calcium sulphate, which, when coupled with water, results in the formation of plaster of Paris. In the world of professional boxing, doing so is against the rules. In spite of Margarito’s assertions that he was unaware of the hand wraps, both he and his trainer had their licences cancelled, which effectively barred them from competing in the United States.

Personal Life

In 1999, Margarito wed his first wife, Michelle, who had been his high school sweetheart for several years. Following the conclusion of their marriage, he wed Lorena. The pair makes their home in Los Angeles, which is located in California.

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