9 Work from Home jobs that pay $100,000 or more

Work from Home jobs does not imply sacrificing a decent salary. Working from home is here to stay. The epidemic expedited its popularity, and while the push to return to the workplace has gained traction, remote work isn’t going away.

According to Ladders, more than 25% of high-paying positions are predicted to be remote by the end of 2022.

In the past, some people saw remote employment as a “career killer.” But you don’t have to forego a good salary just because you wish to work from home.

If you have the experience, here are nine remote occupations that can give you a six-figure salary and allow you to stop living paycheck to paycheck. All salary numbers are from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Work from Home jobs

9 Work from Home jobs that pay $100,000 or more

1. Financial manager

$131,710 is the average yearly salary.

A company’s financial manager is in charge of the organization’s long-term financial stability. Accounting, budgeting, and forecasting are among their numerous responsibilities; they must monitor and control all of a company’s financial operations.

They should ideally have a bachelor’s degree and five years of experience in a business or finance industry.

2. Human resources manager

$126,230 is the average yearly salary.

HR managers establish, direct, and monitor policies and initiatives on behalf of a company’s human resources department. They may be in charge of many departments at times.

Their main job is to make that employees follow corporate policies. A bachelor’s degree is necessary. A master’s degree may be required for more senior roles.

3. Advertising, promotion, and marketing executives

$133,380 is the average yearly salary.

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers lead teams, devise strategies, and oversee campaigns to generate interest in a product.

Research and analysis are essential aspects of the job. They must also have a bachelor’s degree and expertise in advertising, marketing, or sales.

4. Sales manager

$127,490 is the average yearly salary.

Sales managers oversee a company’s or organization’s complete sales function. Their job is to make that the sales staff meets their quotas while creating and sustaining customer connections.

They will also be expected to frequently deliver reports for an executive board. To acquire this job, you usually require a degree in business or a related subject.

Pro tip: If you snag one of these high-paying remote jobs, don’t waste the extra money. Instead, pay off your bills so you can develop a better financial foundation.

5. Network architect

$120,520 is the average annual salary.

Computer network architects are information technology professionals that design and build data communication networks for businesses.

They must have a bachelor’s degree and prior expertise in areas such as computer networking, programming, and security.

6. Information security analyst

The median annual salary is $102,600.

When it comes to defending a company’s computer software, networks, and systems, information security analysts are both the first and final line of defence. They react with any threats that appear.

A bachelor’s degree in a computer science subject, as well as experience, are required for this post. It’s also a good idea to get certified.

7. Software developer, quality assurance analyst, or tester

$109,020 is the average annual salary.

Software developers create computer programmes and applications. Quality assurance analysts and testers search for and report faults in these technologies.

A bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology is usually necessary, while a master’s degree may be required in rare circumstances.

8. Public relations or fundraising manager

$119,860 is the average annual salary.

Public relations managers shape their company’ messages and public image. Fundraising managers oversee initiatives to raise funds for their organisation.

A bachelor’s degree and, in some cases, a master’s degree are necessary. To get this level, you must also have years of experience.

10. Database administrators and architects

$101,000 is the average yearly salary.

Database administrators and architects design the systems that store data and keep it safe from hackers and other undesirable actors.

A bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology is usually required for this job.

The bottom line

Working from the comfort of your own home — or really, from anyplace — doesn’t mean you have to chop your salary to ribbons. There are many six-figure positions available for remote workers with the necessary skills and qualifications.

Making more money can help you alleviate financial stress. For many employees, earning additional money while working from home is a dream come true.

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