5 Seasonal Side Jobs That Pay at Least $15 Per Hour

Seasonal Side Jobs: The approaching holidays will show the true toll that inflation has taken on the typical American. In comparison to last year, 33% more people are looking for seasonal holiday jobs on Indeed this year, according to economic research from the company. Unfortunately, demand for seasonal workers has decreased by 8.2% as retailers prepare for a slower holiday season. From 10% to 6% of job postings now mention a pressing need for assistance.

However, there are still plenty of wintertime jobs available that pay at least $15 per hour, despite the fact that more people are searching for fewer holiday side jobs. The following jobs have openings that need to be filled if you’re looking for some extra money to get you through the holidays and help you ring in the new year in good financial shape.

5 Seasonal Side Jobs That Pay at Least $15 Per Hour

Seasonal Side Jobs

1. Associate Seasonal Retail Sales

Hourly wage anticipated: $15

According to Indeed, the national average pay for a holiday retail sales job is $15 per hour. While other top job sites list averages that are marginally higher or lower, $15 is unquestionably available.

Target announced that it will be hiring 100,000 seasonal employees starting at the recently raised $15-$24 per hour minimum wage range for the entire company. According to Indeed, Nordstrom averages $17. A number of major retailers, including Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, Costco, and CVS, have recently increased their starting pay to $15–$18.50, though it’s not clear if that will always apply to seasonal employees.

You are aware of what the job entails. Sales associates are the people stocking shelves and waiting to assist you when you shop for Christmas. They can be found on the other side of the registers or in the aisles.

2. Christmas decorator

Hourly wage anticipated: $16

Either you must decorate for the holidays or you genuinely enjoy doing it. If you belong to the second category, according to ZipRecruiter, you can put your passion to work and earn an average of $16 per hour.

The variety of locations in need of talented and imaginative holiday decorators to help them deck the halls is evident from a Google Jobs search. In order to decorate their stores for the holidays, retailers hire decorators. They are employed by hospitals, airports, as well as by companies and people hosting parties or lacking the time or desire to decorate themselves. In other instances, interior design firms that specialize in hiring seasonal holiday decorators.

3. Everything Amazon

Hourly wage projection: $16 and higher

According to location and position, Amazon’s minimum wage will increase to between $16 and $26 an hour starting in September. Transportation and customer fulfillment jobs saw an increase in average hourly pay from $18 to more than $19 per hour.

There are currently openings for sortation center warehouse associates with salaries ranging from $18.25 to $21.50 on the company’s seasonal job board. Warehouse employees at fulfillment centers and delivery stations can earn up to $19.25 an hour.

Many additional seasonal jobs that pay $16, $17, and more an hour are currently available.

4. Wrapper of gifts

Hourly wage anticipated: $17

There’s a high-paying side hustle waiting for you if you have a knack for turning goods into beautifully packaged presents using tape, scissors, wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows.

Seasonal gift wrappers make an average of $17 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter. A wide variety of potential work settings are displayed in the Google Jobs listings. In-store gift wrappers are needed at stores like Bloomingdale’s and Williams Sonoma, but there are also openings at small businesses, regional wineries, car dealerships, hospitals, shopping centers, and warehouses.

5. Individual Delivery Driver

Hourly wage projection: $18–$25

If hauling around boxes in a large company truck or van isn’t your thing, you can make a living making deliveries in your own vehicle. UPS personal vehicle drivers work weekly for an average wage of $21 per hour, plus mileage reimbursement and, in some areas, a phone stipend. They also don the infamous brown uniform.

If you choose Amazon Flex, you’ll still be able to deliver packages in your own car but you’ll be hired on as an independent contractor, earning an average of $18 to $25 per hour.

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