22 Side Jobs That Can Make You Richer Than a Full-Time Job

22 Side Jobs: Earning extra money on the side might be simple if you know where to look. Whether you want to pay off student loan debt, begin saving for a large-ticket purchase, or save for the future, finding one of the top side jobs available is a terrific way to get started.

Some side jobs pay so well that you might contemplate quitting your full-time job to devote more time to them. It’s crucial to note that some of these tasks may be more difficult to perform during the pandemic, but they could be ones you look to take on in the future. If you’re looking for a side job to supplement your income, check out this list of feasible side jobs to help you build your own schedule and break free from the 9-to-5 grind.

22 Side Jobs

22 Side Jobs That Can Make You Richer Than a Full-Time Job

Lawn Care Expert

  • Average Salary: $55/hour

Sign up as a vendor with GreenPal, a lawn care service and app described by CEO Bryan Clayton as “Uber for lawn care,” and make money mowing yards. “Many of our lawn care vendors are part-timers — some are firefighters, others are teachers who use our app in the summer to make extra money; others are college students who work afternoons and weekends, and it is the perfect way for them to make extra money,” Clayton explained. “On our system, our average vendor earns about $55 per hour mowing lawns.”


  • Set your own rates for the average salary.

Become a TaskRabbit and earn money by running errands and performing tasks for people in your area. All it takes is a visit to TaskRabbit.com, where you may select tasks that you are willing to complete. After you’ve been connected with people in need of your services, you can get to job – and get paid.

When you select a task, the website will display hourly rates for the most competent taskers. You will then be able to set your own pricing. All jobs need a minimum time commitment of one hour, and payments are done securely online. TaskRabbits have been paid up to $70 per hour to fold clothes, $65 per hour for heavy lifting, and $80 for moving services, according to Time’s feature of elite taskers.

Frequent Flyer Specialist

  • Salary range: $80 to $150 per project

The side gig of frequent flyer specialist is perfect for those who travel often and understand how to optimise frequent flyer miles to acquire the finest bargains. If this describes you, consider leveraging your skills to assist other travellers in planning their trips. According to a budgetsaresexy.com profile of a frequent flyer specialist, experienced frequent flyer specialists can charge clients up to $150 for organising just one trip.


  • Average hourly wage: $30

According to FlexJobs, your duties could involve doing bank reconciliations, payroll needs, and preparing financial reports. Providing bookkeeping services to more than one organisation at once will boost your earning possibilities.

City Guide Writer

  • Salary range: $40 to $500 per project

If you love your city and enjoy writing, a side job as a city guide writer could be excellent. Real estate and tourism businesses, according to Business Insider, frequently pay local writers to create city and neighbourhood guides. As a city guide writer, you would provide a distinct local viewpoint on the city, demographic information, and insider ideas for shopping, recreation, culture, entertainment, activities, public transportation, and more.

Online Professor

  • Average hourly wage: $30

By becoming an online educator, you can share your knowledge with the rest of the world while working from home and on your own time. According to FlexJobs, computer and IT skills courses are in high demand.

Fashion Consultant

  • Average Hourly Salary: $50 to $500

Fashionistas with a keen eye of side may be able to find work as fashion advisers for high-end clients. Some clients are willing to pay high cash for fashion guidance and will even ask their personal shoppers to select entire ensembles for different seasons.

As a fashion consultant, you’ll meet with clients to learn about their likes, dislikes, personalities, and style aspirations. Stylers can earn between $50 and $500 per hour, according to The Art Career Project.

Sign Language Interpreter

  • Average hourly wage: $30

Businesses and other organisations use licenced sign language interpreters to help the deaf and hard of hearing communicate. According to FlexJobs, the average hourly pay is $30.

acase Study.

  • Average hourly wage: $50

If you’re a teacher looking to start a side gig outside of the classroom, try becoming a curriculum writer. These professionals are hired to create curricula and teaching aids. According to FlexJobs, the gig can pay up to $50 per hour.

Education Training Specialist

  • Average hourly wage: $34

This gig include leading or teaching workshops, seminars, or courses, as well as evaluating participants and establishing curriculum for what you teach. According to FlexJobs, the average pay is $34 an hour.

Executive Assistant

  • Average hourly wage: $38

According to FlexJobs, if you already have a few years of experience, you can find remote and part-time executive assistant roles. Setting up meetings, responding to emails, tracking appointments, and other duties are all possible.


  • Average Salary: $100/hour

Turn your area of expertise into extra money in your pocket with consultancy job. These professionals are hired by an organisation to analyse its procedures and provide advice to improve its performance. According to FlexJobs, IT is a highly lucrative industry for consultants.

Specialist in Lead Generation

  • Average hourly wage: $30

Companies and business development teams hire these specialists to find, qualify, and produce leads. According to FlexJobs, it pays an average of $30 per hour.

NetSuite Administrator

  • Average hourly wage: $70

Knowledge of NetSuite — a software application used by businesses to handle their company processes in a single system — can be beneficial in terms of prospective side gigs. NetSuite administrators can undertake a range of tasks including generating custom fields, reporting and KPIs; constructing processes; and planning and deploying NetSuite solutions. According to FlexJobs, the average pay for this flexible job is $70.

Project Manager

  • Average hourly wage: $65

You don’t need a full-time job to put project management skills to use. Seek for freelancing work that take advantage of these skills, such as monitoring timelines, tracking budgets and coordinating team members. According to FlexJobs, you may make $65 per hour without working in an office every day.

Senior Accountant

  • Average hourly wage: $45

Accounting jobs can be very lucrative. This job will entail creating statements and audits, documenting transactions, and conducting end-of-month tasks.

To earn the high salary of a senior accountant, you normally need five years of experience, according to FlexJobs.

The answer is yes.

  • Average hourly wage: $30

Social media has evolved into a powerful selling tool for businesses and brands, and these corporations rely on marketing experts to make the success of their social media initiatives. These individuals build campaigns, formulate strategies and compose social media content.

Software Engineer

  • Average Salary: $55/hour

These developers are in charge of app maintenance and updates, as well as testing automated designs and troubleshooting software difficulties. According to FlexJobs, this technical side gig pays an average of $55 per hour.

Web Designer

  • Average Hourly Rate: $32

This gig requires a keen eye for design as well as a technical expertise. Web designers will often need knowledge of platforms such as CSS, WordPress or jQuery, according to FlexJobs.

WordPress Programmer

  • Average hourly wage: $45

Many individuals and businesses use WordPress for their websites, so having a command of the platform can make for a high-paying side job. These developers design and change themes, set up and utilise plugins, and write code. According to FlexJobs, the average hourly pay is $45 per hour.

Disc Jockey

  • Average Hourly Rate: $42

It is possible to find enough side engagements as a DJ to make a living between business events, birthday parties, and weddings. Although the average salary is $42 an hour, the top 10% of DJs pull in $123 an hour, according to PayScale.

Online Reseller

  • Average hourly wage: $46

Having an eye for a bargain might make you rich as a reseller. Selling stuff for more than what you paid for them on eBay, Craigslist, or apps like Poshmark may be a lucrative side gig, whether your passion is clothes, shoes, or something more obscure.

Alexandra Marquez, a thrift store specialist who resells stuff she finds on Poshmark, told Business Insider that she quit her $50,000-a-year corporate job at a marketing firm to focus full time on her reselling business. She now earns $5,000 each month.

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