10 Websites That Will Pay You to Read Books

Websites That Will Pay You to Read Books: Many people find that the best way to pass the time is to curl up with a good book. You might not have thought to use your love of reading as a source of income, though. Numerous websites offer rewards for reading, reviewing, and even recording books.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, just like with any side job that allows you to earn money quickly. That implies that you will have to work hard to get paid. However, you can make up to $300 per hour by recording books. You can also make up to $100 by writing brief reviews of books you’ve read.

How Can I Make Money Reading Books?

Keep in mind that there is typically more to the arrangement than just reading the book when searching for businesses that will pay you to read books. Some businesses will request quick reviews. Others may prefer longer articles. You can use your phone to earn money by recording yourself reading books for companies that turn them into audiobooks.

Websites That Will Pay You to Read Books

How Can I Earn Money Reading on Amazon?

If you enjoy reading and writing book reviews, you might be contemplating Amazon, the pinnacle of online book stores. To avoid having your Amazon account suspended, you are not permitted to be compensated for your book reviews there.

Authors may send you free books, which you can then review on Amazon. However, the review cannot be requested in exchange for the book by the author. Additionally, you are not allowed to review any publications or goods produced or distributed by a close friend, relative, colleague, or employer.

Start a book review website for the best chance of earning money from Amazon for reading books. In order to share Amazon affiliate links within product reviews on your own website, you can then try to create an Amazon Associate account. The fact that the links are affiliate links and that you get paid a commission on each purchase must be disclosed.

Although a high traffic website and an engaged audience are generally necessary for successful affiliate marketing, some of the top affiliate marketers make $100,000 per month. You can anticipate starting out making less than $1,000 a month.

Which Organization Will Give You $200 for Each Book You Read?

In its advertisements, WordsRated stated that it would pay its “Bibliophile-at-large” $200 for each book read. Reading books was part of the job, and taking notes on specifics like the story’s setting, the quantity of specific words and phrases, the number of questions posed in the book, the animals that appeared there, or the number of characters broken down by gender was required. The business used the information to produce studies and statistics about books, from classics to contemporary fiction.

Unfortunately, the website indicates that the position of bibliophile-at-large is no longer accepting applications. But you can get paid to read books at the following websites.

10 Websites That Will Pay You to Read Books

With the help of these websites, you can still make reading books your side job even though you might not be able to earn $200 per book.

  1. Kirkus Review

Payment: Not Available

A highly regarded website that reviews books in all genres and formats is Kirkus Review. For Kirkus Indie, the website is looking for experienced reviewers of books written in English and Spanish by self-published authors.

The website requests a resume, writing samples, and a list of reviewing specialties, so it doesn’t seem like this job is for beginners. The more impressive your writing samples and the more esteemed publications you have, the better your chances of landing a freelance job.

How to Use: To enter the running, send your resume to Kirkus Indie Editor David Rapp at [email protected].

2. Booklist

$15 for each review.

The American Library Association includes Booklist. Its reviewers assist staff members at public and school libraries in selecting books for acquisition or recommendation to library users. Booklist refers to its reviews as “the haiku of book reviewing” and asks for 150–175 word summaries that outline the plot, identify the book’s target readership, and suggest related works.

How to Apply: Booklist says that while it is not currently accepting applications, it will in January 2023.

3. ACX

Hourly rate or 50% of the royalties as payment

Have a great voice and a love for audiobooks? Professional narrators and producers of audiobooks have the chance to make money by working with published authors who require a narrator for their book through ACX.

To finish and polish your audio recording, you can enlist the aid of other studio experts. Once the audiobook is released, you’ll be paid, or you’ll get ongoing compensation equal to 50% of the royalties from sales. You can apply to be an Audible Approved Producer once you’ve produced at least 25 audiobooks.

Through the Bounty Referral Program, you can also make money by encouraging Audible users to buy your recorded books.

How to Use: To get started, go to the ACX website and create a profile. Upload a few examples of your voice acting using different accents, genres, and styles. If you are selected by an author or rights holder, you will record an audition by reading a portion of their manuscript for a few minutes.

4. Findaway Voices

Paid in secret

Similar to ACX, Findaway Voices lets authors select the narrators who will narrate their audiobooks. It provides a thorough manual with all the resources you need to be successful.

To apply, first make a narrator profile. To make it simple for authors to find you, you’ll get a personalized URL. Then, upload examples of your work, a bio, a cover photo, and an avatar in addition to an audio introduction.

5. Voices.

Paid: Varying

Voices is a job board where voice actors can post their availability for projects or look for work. According to the platform, more than 5,000 jobs are advertised each month. When a project is finished, your payment is automatically deposited into PayPal.

The pay for tasks listed under the “audiobooks” skill ranges from $250 to $375. When you list your services, you as a voiceover artist can specify your fees and turnaround time.

How to Use: Create your profile and add work samples for free; there is no limit to the number you can add. You will receive matching jobs if you choose the paid Premium membership option.

6. The US Review of Books

Paid in secret

The US Review of Books publishes a monthly newsletter of book reviews under the slogan “Professional Reviews for the People” to assist authors in spreading the word about their most recent books. Reviewers should provide a plot summary and insights in between 250 and 300 words in their reviews. According to the site’s rules, reviews must be written with “heart and succinct writing,” without the use of first-person pronouns. The review may make comparisons between similar books, express opinions, or go over the author’s background and earlier works.

Reviewers can choose their top choices from a list of available books. The US Review of Books anticipates receiving reviews within two to three weeks of assigning them.

To apply, send your resume, two professional references, and examples of your work to [email protected].

7. Reedsy Discovery

Pay: Tips from readers of your reviews ranging from $1 to $5

For reviews, Reedsy Discovery does not offer a flat rate or even an hourly rate. Instead, it enables readers to show their appreciation for reviewers by giving them $1, $3, or $5. Although writing reviews for Reedsy won’t make you rich, it’s a great way to hone your writing skills if you want to write reviews for bigger, more reputable websites like Kirkus Reviews.

How to Apply: Reedsy has a simple application process. To create an account, all you need to provide is your email address and first and last name. Additionally, you’ll have the option of uploading an avatar. After that, respond to a few inquiries about your reading preferences and the categories you’d like to review. Add a succinct bio. Share links to some of your best reviews to increase your chance of selection. Reviews may be submitted in writing or on video.

8. BookBrowse

Pay: Unknown, but it is said to be “modest”

Before applying, BookBrowse requires reviewers to submit good quality samples that are at least 300 words long. Each reviewer is required to submit a “Beyond the Book” article as well. The majority of reviewers publish one review per month, covering both adult and young adult books as well as non-fiction.

To apply, simply list your favorite genres, upload two excellent reviews, along with links to additional reviews if you’d like, and provide a brief bio.

9. Upwork

Paid: Varying

One of the biggest online freelance marketplaces is Upwork, and among other freelance writing jobs, you can find a ton of book review opportunities there. The client and the particular project will determine the qualifications and requirements. Upwork is one of the best websites that will, tangentially, pay you to read books because it frequently can open the door to ongoing employment as a book reviewer.

To apply, register as a Freelancer on the website, list your qualifications, and upload a sample of your work. Next, look for jobs and apply for the ones you want. A client will send you a contract if they want to hire you.

10. Online Book Club

Pay: $5 to $60

You can select the books you want to read the most from a list of books at OnlineBookClub.org. You get the books for free, then you give a review. According to the website, subsequent reviews pay between $5 and $60, but your initial review won’t be compensated in cash.

To apply, you do not need to submit an application or have published book review examples, unlike many other online review websites. This increases the accessibility of this website for new reviewers.

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