10 Unusual Ways to Make Money During the Holidays

Ways to Make Money During the Holidays: It can be challenging to come up with extra cash for gifts, holiday gatherings, and other expenses when the holidays arrive. Your top priority for being able to pull off the holiday season you envision might be earning more money. Finding additional income, however, can be difficult. Fortunately, there are some off-the-wall ideas for making extra money that experts have suggested. They all promise to spark your imagination, and hopefully the cash will follow.

10 Unusual Ways to Make Money During the Holidays

10 Unusual Ways to Make Money During the Holidays

Turo lets you rent out your vehicle

According to financial blogger Dallin Hales, if you have an easy-to-drive, well-maintained vehicle, you should think about joining Turo, which has been dubbed the “Airbnb for cars.” This, he claimed, “is a fantastic way to rent out your own car or an unused vehicle for some extra money during the holiday season. More people will be looking for rental cars nearby as a result of the increase in travel. Hosts on Turo can easily make over $1,000 per month.

Sell animal horns

According to Michael Morris, who runs the men’s lifestyle website Rough and Tumble Gentleman, rural residents who have access to animals like deer and elk can corner a VERY special market. You can benefit from the antler-shedding of these animals. “[The antlers] will fetch a high price from consumers. They are used for everything, including crafting, and you can sell them on Etsy to people who want them for home decor or dog chews. Morris claimed that larger antlers, such as those on a mature elk, could fetch as much as $1,500.

Sell homemade Christmas-scented facial and beard oils.

Beard oil is another unusual but well-liked item for the man who wants to do manscaping, according to Morris. In the past ten years, beards have gained enormous popularity, and many men who have beards depend on beard oil to keep them in good condition. Fortunately, making beard oil is very simple. All you need is a carrier oil to hydrate the beard, an essential oil to give it a pleasant scent, and sunflower oil if you want a festive scent like fir balsam or peppermint.

He explained that you could purchase both of those items in bulk, combine them, and then purchase a sticker logo from Upwork for $20 to sell at neighborhood farmers markets, craft shows, or online.

As a Holiday Helper, Hire Out

According to Hamza Usmani, head of content at Believe Money, people’s calendars are packed with activities like holiday parties, travel, and shopping for the holidays. You have the chance to earn money because of this. Given how busy everyone is, it will be simple for you to establish yourself as a holiday assistant. Offer services like dog walking, house sitting, laundry, meal preparation, plant watering, grocery shopping, errand running, pet sitting, and house sitting.


According to Gerrid Smith, director of e-commerce at Joy Organics, one of the most unusual ways to earn some extra money for the holidays is to take on some sort of arranging job where you aid in the assembly of goods.

Anyone with even the most basic skills can supplement their holiday income by helping others assemble products. This could be anything from furniture to toys. You can look in the classified ads, promote your services locally, or advertise online. By listing your services on websites like Angi or app-based platforms like Task Rabbit, you can do so locally and at your own pace.

Hang holiday lights

If hanging the holiday lights has ever been your responsibility, you are aware of how annoying this can be. Need a Fixer’s CTO, Leonidas Sfyris, claims that the company has grown in popularity as a home-based business over the past few years. Installing outdoor holiday lights requires a lot of physical labor and time. This can be a fulfilling and enjoyable way to make some extra money for the holidays if you’re not afraid of heights. You’ll require the required tools, including a truck and a ladder. Speak with your insurance agent to make sure you are covered in case of an accident.

Flip Items

According to Sam Underwood of Bingo Card Creator, “[y]ou can make additional money by flipping things if you’re skilled with tools and crafts. Anything can be flipped, including vehicles, games, furniture, and antiques. If you are interested in completing this, it might turn into more than just a quick hustle. I know a wonderful couple who make their living by selling goods they buy at flea markets. They even make six figures from it. You can build a successful company for yourself out of a seasonal job.

Wrap gifts.

Consider outsourcing this service, suggested Tom Koesternen, chartered financial analyst with TheGuaranteedLoans.com, if people frequently compliment how beautifully wrapped your gifts are. “During the holiday season, many presents are given, and not everyone has the time or desire to wrap them. You can either ask your neighborhood shops if they require assistance with gift-wrapping or market your services to homeowners.

Work in a factory or warehouse

During the holidays, many businesses require extra workers to help out in the warehouses, which become more and more crowded. As eLuxury’s chief revenue officer, Emily Saunders said, “Like any other business, we experience a spike in holiday orders, and we frequently require additional staff to ensure that all of our shipments are delivered on schedule. Like in a retail job, you put in long hours and are constantly on your feet, but the hourly pay is typically higher and you don’t have to deal with crowds of eager customers. It’s the ideal holiday job for a college or high school student.

Property Manager Temporary

According to Richard Harless, owner and realtor at real estate brokerage AZ Flat Fee, the real estate sector is one that you might not think of as needing assistance over the holidays. When property managers take time off for vacation, which is quite common these days, you can step in. As a result, you can make money during the holidays. The duties aren’t difficult; all you have to do is keep an eye on the tenants to make sure they’re following the rules and regulations of the building and to assist them with any small issues or questions they might have. All you need for this is some time and a general understanding of the building regulations.

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